David Dubbink, Ph.D., AICP

The Interactive Sound experience

Environmental Impact Studies

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Dr. Dubbink holds a Master’s degree in urban planning from the University of California, Berkeley and a Doctorate in environmental management from the University of California, Los Angeles. His knowledge base includes mathematical modeling, computer graphics, and environmental science. He has served as administrator and planner for state and local agencies.

Commercial contracts include all branches of the US military, the FAA, the FHWA, the National Park Service, and agencies and consulting firms in the US and abroad.
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The Interactive Sound experience (ISe), developed by DDA, has become a standard for delivery of noise management information to communities and decision-makers. The system mixes high quality digital recordings, precise sound control, and clear visual imagery. It is built on the idea that “real noise examples, shaped to reflect local situations, are the very best way to build an understanding of noise issues.

The system’s unique ability to deliver precisely controlled acoustic examples makes this a high impact experience.
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Environmental impact reviews are a central strategy in project planning. It is essential that impacted communities and decision makers be presented with concise, understandable information on project effects. DDA has prepared impact analyses, presentation graphics, and demonstrations for reviews conducted under US and California guidelines as well as studies for projects in other nations.

Dr. Dubbink’s background in graphic communication and computer aided design provides a valuable resource in effective communication of technical information.
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The noise management information and presentation skills developed by DDA are effectively used in staff training. This includes classroom-style instruction as well as self-guided eLearning. Programs can be web-based and include interactive technologies adapted from the Interactive Sound experience package.

Programs have been developed for learners in the realms of civilian and military aviation, transportation system design, and community noise management planning.

Programs have been constructed reflecting differing national control strategies and languages.
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