Analysis with Video and Sound EIS

David Dubbink Associates has extensive experience in the analysis and reporting of environmental impacts. Much of this relates to noise management but projects have covered a broader realm; including biological, traffic, and air quality issues.

Environmental Impact Reporting

Dr. Dubbink has been involved in the preparation or review of more than 200 environmental documents and is familiar with the technical and administrative structures surrounding their preparation. The reports and studies he has authored are notable for the directness of their writing and use of creative graphic content.

Administrative Hearings

Presentations have been developed for use in administrative hearings, including testimony, analyses, and development of supporting materials. Noteworthy topics included FAA review of proposed aircraft noise standards by the Boca Raton airport and, for Hong Kong, designing mitigations for noise from construction and operation of rail transit. The environmental review panel established to review plans for the expansion of the airport at Vancouver, requested DDA to develop a visual and acoustical presentation to increase understanding of that controversial proposal.


An attorney contended that a presentation involving actual noise samples risked, "the dangers that are concomitant with computer generated evidence's dramatic power to unduly influence . . ." But the court seemed eager witness the demonstration. Such presentations have proven to be extraordinarily effective in describing noise impacts.

An impact study for a quarry included a video simulating use of alternative detonators as well as maps delineating noise impact. The forecasts were produced by a technology designed for modeling noise distribution over irregular terrain (NMSim by Wyle Labs).